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Biomodelling Spring 2022

The BioModelling Spring 2022 program is available here:

Biomodelling Spring 2022 - Schedule
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After a two-year break caused by the COVID pandemic, the BioModelling Spring event returns to Riga. Previous events that occurred in 2018 and 2019 showed the value of such on-site events. This year, for the first and hopefully last time, we are organizing the event remotely. Together we will share our knowledge on metabolic modelling softwares. This will be an opportunity for practitioners to collaborate.

The main scope of the event is to once more share our knowledge of COPASI software for kinetic modelling and COBRA software and constraint-based modelling for stoichiometric modelling. Three speakers (Ehsan Motamedian, Reinis Muiznieks and Egils Stalidzans) are local representatives from the Computational Systems Biology Group while Jürgen Pahle and Johanna Daas will join us from Heidelberg, Germany.

The event is organized within the framework of three ERDF projects (CryZym, Waste2Surf and GenCon) that are currently carried out by the Computational Systems Biology Group.


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