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Development of methodology for measurements of food waste levels, data collection and analysis (2023 ‒ 2025)





Project No. IL/53/2023


Source of funding:

The Project “Waste To Resources Latvia – boosting regional sustainability and circularity” (LIFE Waste To Resources IP, LIFE20 IPE/LV/000014) LIFE Programme of the European Union and Latvian State Regional Development Agency

Task C8.2. "Development and implementation of food waste data collection system" of activity C8 -  "Demonstration of solutions for reduction of biological and food waste and improving food waste measurements".

The responsible partner of the activity is the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development

Project period: 06.09.2023. – 30.04.2025. (19 months) 

Total budget: 99 952.17 EUR

Project leader: Senior researcher Elīna Dāce,


The project's main objective is to develop a uniform methodology for measuring food waste levels at each stage of the food supply chain, data collection, analysis and reporting to the European Commission (EC) for the year 2024.


Specific tasks within the project encompass the following:

  1. Evaluation of the previous food waste data collection assessment experience in Latvia.

  2. Development and description of methodology for uniform measurement of food waste levels

  3. Testing selected food waste data collection methods before the start of the official data collection phase

  4. Data collection on food waste levels at each stage of the food supply chain, including primary production, processing and manufacturing, retail and other distribution, restaurants and food services, as well as households.

  5. Development of a calculation method to estimate the levels of food waste generated at each stage of the food supply chain for the next measurement period in 2028.




SIA Jaunrades laboratorija




The project has started recently and is currently being implemented.




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