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Optimization of cellular metabolism

Cellular metabolism is one of the most measured phenomena and can be modelled by many formalisms, approaches and their combinations. We use just some of them.

Modelling applications in biotechnology

The performance of fermentation and cultivation processes depends on many aspects. We deal with the metabolic engineering of an organism, as well as with modelling of fermentation or cultivation process.


Models can help in different ways. They can be used to find indicators of a biotechnological process that can be used by the control system. Measurements of simple parameters or their combinations can be very informative if the flux distribution variability of an indicator is interconnected with the control target. Of course, interconnections can be also designed if needed.

There are many other ways how different types of metabolism modelling can be used in the control of biotechnological processes. Our collaboration with bioreactor producer JSC “Biotehniskais centrs” enables good insight into the practical topics of biotechnology.

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