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Waste to energy and circular economy: the case of anaerobic digestion

A new book has just been published by Elsevier, in which Jouni Havukainen from LUT (Finland) and Elina Dace are co-authors of Chapter 8 “Waste to energy and circular economy: the case of anaerobic digestion”. In the chapter, they describe various aspects of anaerobic digestion from feedstock to product and discuss the place of anaerobic digestion in a carbon-neutral circular biogenic material loop.

The book Sustainable and Circular Management of Resources and Waste Towards a Green Deal, edited by Majeti Prasad and Marzena Smol, highlights the importance of resource recovery, phosphorus management, climate action, clean energy transition, and a circular economy. The world is facing significant challenges, including climate disruption, environmental changes, pollution, and population explosion. Sustainable management of finite natural resources within the carrying capacity of the bio-geo-hydrosphere is the crux of transforming the global economy for a sustainable future. Moreover, keeping raw materials in circulation as long as possible and minimizing the amount of waste generated has grown in significance as a part of transitioning to a circular economy (CE) model.

Find out more about the book's contents here.

The contribution of Elina Dace to this book was supported by the ERDF project No. “Decision Support Tool for an Integrated Food Waste Valorisation System (DeSTInation)”.


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