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Visiting Estonia Competence Center for Food and Fermentation Technology

Coincidental meeting at the exhibition BIOTECHNICA 2010 in Hannover, Germany led to renewal of old connections between Estonian and Latvian scientists, more precisely between Raivo Vilu and Uldis Kalnenieks.

We had a joint scientific event in January 2011 in Tallinn, at the premises of TFTAK where scientific activities of group and TFTAK researchers were presented. Bioreactor control systems were demonstrated showing increasing tendency to control bioreactors via computer instead of standard embedded control system. We could conclude that the Competence center idea is very well implemented and works at a relatively large scale both in terms of involved specialists (very young team) and in terms of modern equipment. Very important aspect is the successful collaboration with industry where both sides are interested in the implementation of results. It was concluded that mutual cooperation should be started both at scientific and educational levels.


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