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Visiting a high school student summer camp ALFA 2022

Our colleague Anna visited the high school students at the summer camp ALFA 2022, which took place in the Latvian-Estonian border town of Valka. Anna introduced students to biotechnology – what it is, what innovations it’s bringing and how it can help to increase sustainability and circular economy. Anna introduced the Fer2Fer project to students as well as had a conversation with them stressing the multi-disciplinary aspects and the teamwork that goes on behind the scenes to bring bioproducts from early development to their scaled-up industrial version.

Speaking of the visit Anna said: “It’s very rewarding to see the active participation of the very young scientists and how are they getting interested in the subject!”

This research was supported by the European Regional Development Fund within the project “Sustainable valorisation of fermentation waste by microbial metabolic modeling and extension of fermentation cascades (Fer2Fer)” (project No.


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