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Research visit to the Netherlands

Our colleague Anna recently returned from her mobility visit to the Netherlands, where she visited Dr Lotte Asveld, Prof Mark van Loosdrecht and Dr Rebecca González-Cabaleiro at the Technical University of Delft. They had a productive knowledge exchange on the work and projects being undertaken at the University of Latvia and TU Delft as well as fruitful discussions on the various research challenges such as difficulties to recognise possible societal sustainability issues when developing new technologies and the challenges of creating an industrially relevant mathematical representation of metabolism with metabolic modelling techniques.

Anna also had a chance to meet up with researchers from Leiden University – Prof Lars Jeuken and Dr Huijie Zhang, who develop novel biophysical tools to understand the mechanisms of respiratory enzymes at the molecular level. The generated knowledge could lead to the development of biohybrid approaches for solar fuel production in a non-conventional branch of biotechnology.

Speaking of the visit Anna said: “This visit and discussions have broadened my understanding of far-reaching capabilities and societal aspects of biotechnology. The knowledge gained will serve well in the continuation of my project.”

Anna is thankful to the European Regional Development Fund for providing funding and support that enable early career researchers with much-needed research mobility, international collaboration, and knowledge exchange.

The funds were received within the post-doctoral research project “Sustainable valorisation of fermentation waste by microbial metabolic modeling and extension of fermentation cascades (Fer2Fer)” (Project No.


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