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Research visit to Netherlands (II)

Our colleague Anna Stikane recently returned from another mobility visit to the Netherlands, where she visited Dr. Rebecca González-Cabaleiro at the Technical University of Delft. They continued discussions and knowledge exchange that were started in the first research visit and started to turn these into a metabolic model for assessing the reuse of complex biological waste.

During this visit, Anna also met other researchers within the TU Delft Environmental Biotechnology group and had an opportunity to learn about their work on various fermentation and bioreactor systems for understanding un utilising microbial communities, which can remove and degrade polluting substrates.

Anna said of the visit: “Visits like these are crucial to learn new techniques and develop new research directions. This visit was also invaluable for gaining inspiration for wider research opportunities and capabilities.”

Anna is thankful to the European Regional Development Fund for providing funding and support that enable early career researchers with much-needed research mobility, international collaboration, and knowledge exchange.

The funds were received within the post-doctoral research project “Sustainable valorisation of fermentation waste by microbial metabolic modeling and extension of fermentation cascades (Fer2Fer)” (Project No.


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