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Presenting START to a wider audience

Our colleague Jelena Ziemele has improved her communication skills in a public speaking course.

Jelena explains her motivation to improve communication skills: "It is not easy to talk about scientific topics in a language that a wider audience can understand. I have improved my presentation skills at the "Runas skola" with the excellent lecturer Viesturs Meikšāns. I learned to speak more simply about complex topics. I hope you enjoy my speech!"

Watch Jelena's video presentation (available in Latvian) about her research project START below.

The START project is funded under the European Regional Development Fund Specific Objective 1.1.1 “Improve research and innovation capacity and the ability of Latvian research institutions to attract external funding, by investing in human capital and infrastructure” measure “Post-doctoral Research Aid”. Project application selection round No.4. Project No.

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