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Participation in the ECOS2023 conference

Our colleague Jelena Ziemele participated in the 36th International Conference on Efficiency, Costs, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems ECOS2023. This conference took place on June 25-30, 2023, in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Jelena presented her research Coupling system dynamics model and multi-criteria analysis for a sustainability assessment of a district heating system's development that was conducted in collaboration with our colleague Janis Edmunds Daugavietis.

The study provides a hybrid model that couples system dynamics (SD) modelling and multi-criteria analysis. The SD model allows for obtaining a district heating company's energy, economic, and environmental indicators and evaluating its dynamics in a time horizon until 2050. The hybrid model ranks the selected transition pathways according to their sustainability score and benchmarks the results of developed scenarios against a carbon-neutral district heating system. This model serves as a guide to district heating system developers and decision-makers.

The START project is funded under the European Regional Development Fund Specific Objective 1.1.1 “Improve research and innovation capacity and the ability of Latvian research institutions to attract external funding, by investing in human capital and infrastructure” measure “Post-doctoral Research Aid”. Project application selection round No.4. Project No.


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