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Our colleague Karina receives the Baltic University Programme PhD Award

Our researcher Karina Balina has received The Baltic University Programme (BUP) PhD Award for the best thesis supporting high-quality research that promotes sustainable development in the context of Baltic Sea Region.

The motivation of the scientific committee is as follows:

"The degradation of ecosystems and the decrease in economic growth and human wellbeing. The PhD thesis by Karna Bāliņa (Latvia, Riga Technical University, Faculty of Electrical and Environmental Engineering entitled “Baltic Seaweed Biorefinery”, elaborated under supervision of ProfessorFrancesco Romagnoli), presents a holistic conceptual model of biorefinery using seaweed biomass to produce a sequence of valuable products including bioenergy at the final stage of the conversion. The focus of the dissertation on seaweeds places the research at the center of the ongoing policy framework for the development of future materials for bio-based products and new markets. Karina Balina’s research is carefully planned and executed, the findings are of great importance to the development of bioeconomy. The dissertation provides an original concept for seaweed products and associated conversion processes together with an assessment of potential biomass acquisition and implementation in the context of the local and global economy. Therefore, the research for new renewable resources like seaweeds meets the current EU and global policy towards sustainable development."

More information about the award can be found here.


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