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New scientific article on the media narrative on climate change

We are happy to share the latest research article “How to recognise the inevitable: Latvian media narratives on climate change” co-authored by Vineta Kleinberga, Aleksandra Palkova and Elina Dace, and published in Environmental Development (Elsevier).

The article addresses the challenge of getting societies into climate change mitigation and adaptation activities by exploring the media narratives on climate change and their alignment with the official political narrative in Latvia. Elina wants to thank the co-authors for involving her in the study.

Results presented in the article have been produced within the project “CLINAP: From indifference to making difference in climate policy: improving the interaction between political narrative and societal perceptions in Latvia” which aims to reduce the gap between the commitments of political elites and society in mitigating climate change by focusing on the discursive side of climate action.

The project is implemented by a multidisciplinary team at Rīga Stradiņš University and funded by the Latvian Council of Science (project No. Lzp-2020/1–0047).


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