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New scientific article on heat recovery from treated wastewater in the Baltic Capitals

We are happy to announce that the scientific article "Comparative assessment of heat recovery from treated wastewater in the district heating systems of the three capitals of the Baltic countries" written by Jelena Ziemele, Anna Volkova, Eduard Latõšov, Lina Murauskaitė and Vytautas Džiuvė has recently been published in the international scientific journal Energy (Elsevier).

Our colleague Jelena Ziemele thanks all the co-authors for sharing their ideas, and calculations in preparing the research article. Working with them on such an important topic as heat recovery from treated wastewater with its integration into the district heating system was a great pleasure.

The article will be available to everyone until August 10, 2023, via the following link:

Research is supported by the European Regional Development Fund within project No. “Decision Support Tool for Decarbonisation Assessment of District Heating Systems”.


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