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Metformin model - model of the month in the BioModels Database

Computational Systems Biology Group’s project about the pharmacokinetics of metformin, funded by the Latvian Council of Science (2018-2021), has resulted in two research papers about the pharmacokinetics of metformin in humans and mice. One of the published models has been selected as the model of the month in the BioModels Database. BioModels Database is the largest biochemical model database. It is, therefore, a great honour to receive such recognition.

We do not know the selection criteria, but we assume that the recognition was given for an interesting application of mathematical modelling. In our case, it was the use of experimental data on mice published in 1994 with experimental data on humans published in 2016 by the Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre. Mice data sets were used to estimate model parameters from mice experimental data and transfer them to the human model. This is also a nice example of the reusability of almost 30 years old data.

The BioModels Database is available here:


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