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Metabolic Pathway Analysis 2021

This year the Metabolic Pathway Analysis conference (8th in the biennial series) was organised by the University of Tennessee (USA, Knoxville). The conference brings together scientific community from the following disciplines: metabolic modelling and engineering, resource allocation modelling, systems biology, synthetic biology and computer science. We wanted to attend the conference in person, but due to the current pandemic situation participated remotely. Nevertheless, we took part in engaging talks about the newest achievements in the field as well as about strain engineering algorithms.

Our group’s leader Egils has chaired one of the sessions and presented talk “Determination of metformin transport parameters between plasma and red blood cells of humans in different scale models” explaining the progress in the modelling of metformin pharmacokinetics.

Our colleague Anna participated in the poster session by presenting her research “Exploring valorisation of fermentation by-products through metabolic modelling”. Anna's impressions of the conference: "For me MPA conference was a gateway to the state-of-the-art tools, approaches and results in metabolic pathway analysis. MPA was organised as a hybrid event, which provided virtual networking and a way to tune in conference proceedings in Knoxville, Tennessee from the comfort of my own home. As a recent newcomer to the field, it was great to interact with other researchers and to give a poster presentation to discuss the intentions of Fer2Fer."

Our colleagues Kristaps, Reinis and Matiss attended different sessions about the landscape of metabolism optimisation. Reinis says: "This was my first time attending a conference like this. Moreover, I have only recently started learning systems biology, so many of the topics discussed were new to me. Although I couldn't understand everything, it was a good way to realize that there is still a lot to learn and improve my knowledge."

More information about this year’s conference can be found here.


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