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Knowledge exchange with researcher Camila Gonçalves Castro from Brazil

We were thrilled to welcome Camila Gonçalves Castro, an exceptional PhD student from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, to our group on May 25, 2023. Camila's research is at the cutting edge of academic exploration, focusing on circular business ecosystems, rebound effects, and the application of system dynamics modelling. Her work contributes meaningfully to the broader academic landscape, offering fresh insights into the complexities of modern business ecosystems.

During her visit, Camila offered an insightful presentation on her PhD research findings. Participants were treated to a rich exploration of her work, with her presentation illuminating complex concepts and sparking discussions.

Currently, Camila is enriching her academic experience through a six-month internship under the esteemed mentorship of Associate Professor Daniela C.A. Pigosso at the Technical University of Denmark. This opportunity allows her to broaden her research horizons.

In addition to her presentation, we had the pleasure of learning more about Camila's research group and their groundbreaking work. Their innovative approach and deep commitment to their field were inspiring, highlighting the vast potential of contemporary research. Her visit underscored our commitment to fostering international connections and the continuous expansion of knowledge. By inviting students and researchers like Camila to share their work, we continue to promote a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive academic environment. We look forward to hosting more such visits and collaborations that inspire innovation, stimulate intellectual growth, and enhance our understanding of the world.


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