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ERASysAPP course on modelling

Continuing the traditions of international metabolic modeling course in Jelgava, Latvia a course was set by Egils Stalidzans in Larnaca, Cyprus. There were 20 participants from eight different countries.

Experienced lecturers who are very familiar with both metabolic modeling and the featured software ensured the success of this course. David Fell (Oxford Brookes University, UK), one of the founders of the metabolic modeling field, the COPASI developers Juergen Pahle and Sven Sahle (University of Heidelberg, Germany) and FAME developer Brett Olivier (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands), along with the organizer of the course, Egils Stalidzans (University of Agriculture, Latvia), acquainted participants with the principles of modeling.

A mix of lectures and computer practices aimed to deepen the newly gained knowledge right away. In general, the students were surprised by the broad functionalities of existing, freely available and user-friendly modeling software.

More about the course can be found on the ERASysAPP website.


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