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COPASI course in Sigulda

COPASI course took place on February 16 - 18, 2011 in Sigulda, Latvia.

Software COPASI (COmplex PAthway Simulator, has been recognized by our team members since 2006 and was the first systems biology software we ever used. Finally it came so far that the Latvian company SIA Twinix organized a course in Latvia with two COPASI experts: PhD Juergen Pahle from COPASI development team in Manchester (UK) and PhD Sven Sahle from COPASI development team in Heidelberg (Germany). This was the first COPASI course which was not held in any of COPASI development sites or as a satellite event of a bigger conference.

Many members of our group participated in the course thus representing the highest share of course participants. As a result of the course we gained new practical skills for using new functions, better understanding of the command line of the COPASI and a collection of wonderful sample models.


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