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Boat trip 2011

We continued the tradition of the last year by choosing river Abava (located in Kurzeme) again . We started in Kandava where the boats were brought by CAMPO right in time. 94 kilometres were in front of us to reach the big Nabe lake. CAMPO people were sceptical about our plan to reach our destination in three days, so boats were reserved for four days for the price of three days. No idea how Agnese Kokina arranged that flexibility of CAMPO. Perhaps she did something criminal and as a consequence she had to stay in the USA for some weeks until it settles down.

Starting the trip we realized that very heavy rain in the previous days has helped us in two ways: 1) we had lots of water like it would be during springtime and 2) there was no water left in the clouds and we had no rain all the three days.

First evening we spent at Abavas rumba enjoying volleyball and a lot of boiled potatoes. Next morning started with extreme sports performed by the boat of Janis Liepins. They jumped over the Abavas rumba after good preparations for the case of failure. The boat sunk and the well packed bags were caught after some swim. Other boat teams were trying to avoid rumba choosing a small branch on the right side of the river. All of them succeeded. Some got extra water on board.

On the third day Stalidzans's family concluded that both ends of the boat are not equal and during the rest of the trip the boat was going front ahead. It became so easy to manipulate with the boat!!! So read the manual if you have one. Egils did not have it.

In the end we finished our trip on the third day at around 15.00 and had to wait for boat pickup. So we had time for lunch and a swim in the big Nabe lake.

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