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Bioinformatics Excellence Scholarship awarded to our colleague Santa Prikule

Santa Prikule has been awarded the Bioinfromatics Excellence Scholarship of the University of Latvia Foundation for the 2020 / 2021 academic year.

“Receiving the scholarship is a great honour. Even more than receiving the scholarship itself, I am glad that it is a scholarship specifically aimed for students specialized in Bioinformatics. This is a proof that the development of the field is supported at various levels and the need for its growth is widely heard. Although the priority for awarding the scholarship is given to students whose research activities are related to oncology research, I am glad that support is also given to students from other fields – I coming from biotechnological research field can surely say that the methods and knowledge are widely applicable and necessary. This can greatly contribute to the wider development of science. Adaption of methods to different types of research can accumulate experience and knowledge in various sectors and the development of ideas can take place faster and be more innovating” says Santa.

“I am thankful to the University of Latvia Foundation for its work in managing and issuing scholarships and for improving the development of philanthropic culture in Latvian society. I sincerely thank the scholarship patron, the Latvian company "MikroTik", not only for donations to student scholarships, but also for all the other persistent and selfless work of this company in supporting the development of science in Latvia!”

The Latvian company “MikroTik” was founded in 1996 and it develops wired and wireless network routers, network switches, access points and software for their routers.

In the academic year 2020 / 2021, the Bioinfromatics Excellence Scholarship was awarded to five students with biological or computer science backgrounds.

More information about MikroTik and Santa Prikule


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