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Avicenna (in silico clinical trials) project meeting in Brussels

Fourth meeting of Avicenna consortia took place in Brussels on February 19 and 20, 2015.

50 participants attended the fourth Avicenna event, identifying and discussing the challenges faced by in silico clinical trials and taking on responsibility for authorship and editing of the various sections of the Roadmap.

The first day was spent identifying the research, technological, and development challenges that will be faced by in silico clinical trials technology and was followed by a social dinner in the evening. Egils Stalidzans represented State Agency of Medicines of the Republic of Latvia.

On the second day there was a meeting among delegates who discussed the work required to further achieve the goals of the Avicenna project. Split into three groups they discussed the research challenges in medical Devices, pharmaceuticals and Socio-Economic Challenges by ranking each challenge in terms of potential impact and delivery timescales.


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