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Circularity Transitions Research Group

We study various environmental and sustainability challenges. Our research is science and praxis-oriented, as we work together with other research institutions and industry. Our goal is to broaden our expertise and work with state-of-the-art challenges on the topics listed below.

Waste Valorization & Circular Economy

Our vision is to have a future system where waste is seen as a resource, not a problem. We work on projects related to waste valorisation, such as food waste valorisation, sustainable bioconversion of industrial bio-waste etc. to create technology and workflow for the production of innovative high added value biobased products. We analyse and evaluate different waste valorisation scenarios.

Due to the increasing waste generation, it is necessary to find solutions on how to reduce and treat waste and prevent its negative impact on the environment. The main goal of the circular economy is to keep products, materials, and resources in a loop and eliminate or design out the generation of unnecessary waste. The circular economy is also one of the top agendas within the EU and worldwide (EU Green Deal, EU Circular Economy Action Plan). Waste valorisation as part of a circular economy allows for creating new pathways for the use of potential waste by diverting from landfills and incineration that are the least desirable waste management options.

Leader of the research direction

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