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Systems medicine

Systems medicine is a very complicated and rewarding research area where signalling, transport and metabolism modelling skills can be applied.

Stoichiometric modelling

Stoichiometric modelling addresses the space of possible sets of steady-state fluxes of cellular metabolism. Stoichiometric reconstructions of human metabolism currently cover more than 10 000 reactions and metabolites. Specific models have been developed for specific human tissues. Constraint-based stoichiometric modelling is used also for gut-microbiota interactions.

Linking these models with available data can help to interpret existing datasets and prioritize the missing ones.

We see a high potential of genome-scale modelling application in Personalised Medicine. We have used several software platforms COBRA, ScrumPy and COBRApy.

We have developed some software for stoichiometric modelling like Paint4Net for COBRA, AltFluxes for COBRA.

Leader of the research direction

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