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Circularity Transitions Research Group 

We study various environmental and sustainability challenges. Our research is science and praxis-oriented, as we work together with other research institutions and industry. Our goal is to broaden our expertise and work with state-of-the-art challenges on the topics listed below.

Integrated Assessment and Management of Systems

We believe that it is important to apply an integrated assessment and management of systems. Especially in developing process design flows it is important to assess and evaluate all the input-, process- and output related parameters. Integrated assessment and management of systems is a process of ensuring that tasks and procedures are performed qualitatively and maintained regularly. This is important to reduce environmental, techno-economic and health risks. For example, if all potential environmental factors are monitored in the process, then it is possible to prevent the occurrence of negative consequences (pollution, emissions etc.). We apply this approach on a cross-sectoral level where interrelations among several sectors are inevitable but rarely considered.

Leader of the research direction

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