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Circularity Transitions Research Group

We study various environmental and sustainability challenges. Our research is science and praxis-oriented, as we work together with other research institutions and industry. Our goal is to broaden our expertise and work with state-of-the-art challenges on the topics listed below.

With our research, we want to support reaching the ambitious climate goals towards climate neutrality. We apply greenhouse gas (GHG) emission assessment and evaluation in our research. To decide on the most favourable outcome, it is necessary to evaluate a system’s and/or procedure’s performance in terms of resource (water, materials) and energy consumption. The release of GHG emissions contributes to climate change and the EU has set an ambitious goal to reach carbon neutrality (net zero carbon emissions) by 2050 (EU Green Deal, Paris Agreement). As a result, it is important to analyse, how to optimise processes and phase out the use of fossil fuels.

We use a carbon footprint assessment and product environmental footprint assessment to help organizations in greening their products. Also, we have supported governmental organizations in the development of the national waste management plan by building a decision-making tool for mid-term policy planning.

Leader of the research direction

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