Erasmus Intensive Program
"MoSyB 2013" "Modeling in systems biology and synthetic biology"

To improve the interdisciplinary communication between biologists, computer scientists, mathematicians and other specialists in the field of systems biology and synthetic biology, Latvia University of Agriculture in tight cooperation with 9 partners from 7 EU countries is organizing Erasmus Intensive Program (IP) “Modeling in systems biology and synthetic biology” (MoSyB).

Program will be realized from 09.06.2013 till 22.06.2013

Who can apply? - Master and PhD level students of different fields that are registered at HEI, which are taking part in this project. The number of places is limited. For more information on the application and selection process, please contact your local Erasmus IP contact person

Main activity of the "BioModLat" will be the lectures and practical modeling activities in a computer class and also laboratory practicals to give laboratory work feeling to modelers and mathematicians. Since the lectures will be based on system biology and synthetic biology, then the foreground will be imposed on the acquisition of knowledge as biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer modelling, engineering, information technology. During the courses students will obtain knowledge about differences and common features of biological and technical systems, modeling of biosystems and bioprocesses in structural level and dynamic level. Background of each participant will be broadened towards skills needed in interdisciplinary teams.

The value of this IP corresponds to 7,5 ECTS and by completing fully program and meeting all asked requirements, participants will receive the IP certificates on the basis of which each partner institution will perform recognition depending on national rules.

Working language – English

Financial costs - Accommodation, meals and lectures for students will be covered from ERASMUS IP funds. Also, depending on state, following travel costs (except private car) will be covered/refunded for “BioModLat” students and teachers:

CountryMax. travel costs per student
Iceland 580 EUR
Great Britain (Manchester) 350 EUR
Great Britain (Oxford and Uxbridge) 287 EUR
Germany 300 EUR
Slovenia 570 EUR
Estonia (Tartu) 70 EUR
Lithuania 50 EUR
Netherlands 300 EUR

Other benefits:

  • cultural program - getting know Jelgava and Latvia
  • international atmosphere


  • we would strongly encourage students to have a laptop with them;
    Software VirtualBox should be installed on student laptops. Assistance will be provided during the courses.
  • please reserve some private funds for your own expenses that are not covered by this project (souvenirs, shopping etc.).